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Published on 21 December 2022 at 08:14

Be Joyful


42 - Joyfulness

Joyfulness is the spontaneous cheerfulness you feel when you choose to be content and satisfied with your situation. You are operating in conjunction with your belief system, and your mind is at peace with your actions. You are aligned with your values and are at ease with your circumstances. They may not be exactly as you would like them to be, perhaps even quite the contrary, yet you have made choices and decisions you believe in and know you acted in good faith. Be joyful as you delight in this knowledge. And allow your body, mind, and soul to be saturated in tranquil serenity as you are abundantly secure, lacking only in regret. Embrace the joy and let it transcend your own knowledge and understanding. Allow gratitude to increase your joy positively. Show appreciation to others in all things, and be fully satisfied with all you have and are capable of.


Characteristics of Joyfulness:

  • Contentment.  When you choose to be satisfied with your current situation, you reach acceptance and are filled with joy. This is all by choice. Your circumstances may be difficult and trying, yet with faith and hope, you can still be filled with a deep passion for truth and experience pure comfort and delight. Let your faith trump your circumstances, and base your responses and feelings on your beliefs rather than an unfortunate obstacle or challenge. Do not be dissuaded by a hindrance in your path. Recalculate your GPS and take a different route with the potential for an even better destination. Sometimes there are reasons things happen differently than you "planned." Be content, discover new possibilities, and know everything will work together for your good.
  • Confidence.  There is an assurance that accompanies joyfulness. It is a great faith in yourself and your abilities, knowing you have everything you need to succeed intensely. This confidence overcomes any doubts or concerns and replaces them with certainty and joyfulness.
  • Positively influence others.  Joyfulness is highly contagious. When you are near a person filled with joy, the feeling permeates the air, spreading positive vibrations through your body, mind, and spirit. Just as you experience their joy, be the one to gift this priceless blessing to others. Be intentional with your joy and show it to others. Be kind, gracious, compassionate, and generous with heartfelt affirmations, recognizing how valuable others are. Show love and concern for them and spread joy everywhere you go.
  • Mindfully aware.  You are mindfully aware—aware of your current situation, options to stay or make changes, aware of your business and your family. Quiet your mind and meditate or pray to remove distractions, leaving you mindful of the present, here and now. Be intentional as you control your thoughts. Eliminate negative, harmful thoughts and replace them with supportive favorable ones. Be selective and practice awareness so you can fully control the presence of everything in your mind. Let it be filled with satisfaction, contentment, and joy. Radiate joy.
  • Peacefulness.  Joyfulness arises as you reach a realization of complete satisfaction. You are content and understand you are loved, admired, respected, and living your life aligned with your belief system. You are in control of yourself and your business, owning the ability to make the choices for the right reasons. There is peace and calmness in knowing you are already successful and are mindfully aware of your purpose. You choose to be happy and in acceptance. And you can change your situation at any time you choose. You control your perspective and your ability to choose.
  • Health benefits.  When you are filled with joy, your mind is content and at rest.  Feeling anxiety, worry, or even anger is difficult when you are joyful. Your blood pressure and pulse are lower; your mind is at rest. You are calm and able to sleep more soundly.
  • Positively energized.  Joyfulness breeds motivation and an enthusiastically energized excitement. Embrace the energy and utilize it to your advantage. Work your business, engage with your associates, and enjoy your family! Let the high-frequency vibrations flow throughout your body and lift your spirit. Use the energy productively to build and advance yourself professionally, personally, and spiritually.



The man who radiates good cheer, who makes life happier wherever he meets it, is always a man of vision and faith.” 

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


The man who is greatest and most blessed and joyful is one whose life most closely approaches the pattern of Christ. This has nothing to do with earthly wealth, power or prestige. The only true test of greatness, blessedness, joyfulness is how close can a life come to being like the Master, Jesus Christ. He is the right way, the full truth, and the abundant life.” 

Ezra Taft Benson


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13


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