In a world where leadership falters and guidance wanes, When Leaders Don't Lead shines a stark light on the dark reality of unprepared leaders. From boardrooms to break rooms, the echoes of discontent reverberate as employees yearn for recognition and direction that never arrives. This poignant exploration delves deep into the heart of organizations where leaders lack the skills to inspire, leaving their teams adrift in a sea of uncertainty. With each page turned, the reader is confronted with the harrowing truth that many in positions of power are ill-equipped to lead while hardworking employees remain unappreciated and undervalued. As the narrative unfolds, a compelling call to action emerges, urging both leaders and followers to seek a new path toward collaboration and understanding. When Leaders Don't Lead is a clarion call for change, a reminder that true leadership is a sacred trust that must be earned, not assumed.

Stay diligent in your efforts, for true purpose lies in the work itself, not in seeking validation or appreciation from those who may not understand its value.

—Jill Fandrich

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