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Published on 19 November 2022 at 09:25

Be Dependable


10 - Dependability

In a position of authority, being dependable is not an option. It is a requirement of an effective and outstanding leader. Dependability entails numerous favorable aspects, such as being trustworthy with your words and actions and careful with your promises and commitments. More detail is outlined below, listing various ways you can be depicted as a dependable person of authority.


Ways to Be Dependable:

  • By keeping your word.  Do what you say you will do. You must be trustworthy. Consider how you feel when someone is dishonest with you and fails to keep their word. People are most likely to submit to your leadership if they trust you and the values you align with. And if they completely trust you, they will prove with their devotion and dedication to be one of your most important and reliable assets in return.
  • By being careful about what you promise.  Take caution in what you commit to. While it may be tempting to want to please everyone, this is not always possible, effective, or desirable. You must be fully engaged and aware of your capabilities and the resources available for your decisions. It is a learned skill to be able to be aware of not only what they are but also have an understanding of what is possible to accomplish or provide. Do not overpromise just to appease. Only say or offer what you are capable of and are certain you can bring to fruition.
  • By correcting your mistakes.  Mistakes happen as part of your humanity. Own them, then take responsibility for the consequences. What remains memorable isn’t the mistake but how you responded to it and saw it through to resolution. You are a role model, and many eyes rest on you and your actions. Acknowledging the breakdown or incorrect selection and drawing on your experience and wisdom to reformulate the answer in correction is essential. Be aware of your demeanor, and represent yourself humbly yet professionally, exemplifying humanity yet strength as you do.
  • By doing your fair share.  As an overseer, you should not only perform a "fair" amount of "work" but also go above and beyond and lead by example. It is your reputation on the line. And doesn’t it feel good to lead by example? When you give unconditionally, you send a message to others that you care and are vested in your business and theirs. You will go the extra mile or even more and are not afraid to expend time and energy for the good of all involved.
  • By being aware of your limits.  While your abilities are astounding, they are not endless. You will have limits or weaknesses. Perhaps you physically aren’t feeling well due to an illness or injury. Or maybe the topic of interest is your least favorite, or you are not well-informed regarding it. Whatever the case may be, be responsible enough to acknowledge your limits and seek guidance or help when necessary. This is not a sign of weakness but a show of bravery and wisdom to ask for help when needed. Use mindful awareness to recognize where these limitations may lie. The ability to have full awareness of your weaknesses, and a plan in place on how to perform during these circumstances, will draw admiration for your professional sense of accountability.
  • By being consistent.  When you are known to adhere to your own standards, they will trust in your ability to lead and follow your own guidelines. You should live by your values and what you claim you abide by. There will be harmony between what you say and do when you are consistent with your belief system.
  • By being persistent.  Continuing a course of action without allowing obstacles to distract your progress is a tenacious endeavor and attribute. People will know they can rely on you, as proven by your track record of persistence. Always "show up" and be fully present when you do.
  • By your past performance.  Your history will not be a mystery. Minding your business and your reputation will reveal your past performance, and the results and outcomes of your actions are self-explanatory. If there were some unfortunate circumstances, your method of handling and resolving them would be brought to light, while your outstanding successes will speak for themselves
  • By including others. People affected by your decisions appreciate being a part of the process. When they know they can count on you to include their input persistently, they will consider you a reliable force in their life. Wherever possible, it is important to allow involvement from others with a vested interest where your decisions or actions are concerned.


Ability is important in our quest for success, but dependability is critical.” Zig Ziglar


The greatest ability is dependability.”  Bob Jones, Sr.


In adults, dependability is the fruit of maturity; in a child, it is the seed.” Richard M. Eyre


Ability is a wonderful thing, but its value is greatly enhanced by dependability. Ability implies repeatability and accountability.” Robert A. Heinlein


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