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Published on 16 November 2022 at 07:43

Be Courageous


7 - Courage

As a leader, you are instructed to have established your own individual and personal vision and goals, as well as for your business. Have you noticed in society today, a primary method of "influence" is by manipulation or forced thought? If you do not agree with someone, especially regarding politics, anger, and intimidation are often the result. It takes a strong and courageous person to stand up for what, or even who, you know is right. Do not conform to the ways of another, especially if it is against your values and belief system.


Ways to Stay Courageous and Not Conform:

  • Know yourself.  Be aware of who you are, your values and missions, and have a carefully defined belief system. As part of your business plan in any type of operation, you should begin by laying out all of these important categories which define the type of person and leader you are. Have them all depicted and in writing, and internalize them. Use the methods learned in Elevate Your Mind to Success, and program them into your mind. When they are programmed, your responses will be on autopilot, and each decision you make will be based upon the blueprint of values you have already imprinted in your mind.
  • Be consistent.  Just as you know the values that define you and have them programmed in your mind, you must consistently respond to every situation based on these values. Do not compromise your values in any decision that you make. It is important to be consistent in concept, which will prove you to be dependable and reliable as well.
  • Be firm.  There is no reason to go against your values. Do not compromise them under any circumstances. Do not give in to the manipulation or influence of others, especially if they aren’t aligned with your belief system or values.  Stand strong and be unwavering.
  • Be kind.  While being firm and consistent, also be kind in your approach. Kindness goes a lot farther than a sour or even hostile route. Lead by example and let kindness under duress exemplify your courageous character. Perhaps the way you choose to handle the situation will contribute to the thoughts of others, causing something good to stir within them as well.
  • Be informed.  Make sure you know the situation at hand before taking or making any actions in response. Gather information, ask questions, read and observe all circumstances surrounding the topic and be open to collect as much intel as possible in order to formalize the most logical method of engagement.
  • Be considerate.  Even though another party may be focused on trying to manipulate you or cause you to conform to a standard outside your vision, be cognizant of how you carry yourself throughout the interactions. Be considerate of others and understand they may not have all of the facts, and they have most definitely been a part of a previous experience that differs from yours. Have the courage to listen to their perspective, even if it is strikingly different than your own vantage point.
  • Be gentle.  Always strive to be gentle and self-controlled. Be in control of yourself and, therefore, your outcome. Meek and humble are the Biblical instructions on how to handle difficult situations. And being "meek" is having the courage not to respond how you may really want to respond! It takes a tremendous amount of courage to be meek. It is being mild and gentle yet having the strength not to waver or be provoked.
  • Be tactful.  Although what someone else says or believes may appear clearly absurd to you, it is their belief. Be tactful in your responses and show grace. Save face for them whenever possible. It may travel full circle and create a future positive impact on this person under different circumstances.
  • Be confident.  You have defined your values and aligned your goals with them. You have the skills within you to make the right decisions. Be confident in the preparation you have made and the skills you have exercised and developed. You know the right thing to do and a way to respond. Have confidence that your outcome will be favorable based on your preparation and appropriate choices leading to this moment.
  • Be Decisive.  You already know the answers, which will align with your values. So, be decisive in your responses. Give clear and precise answers, with a built-in guarantee that you are secure and certain that they are definitive and unwavering.
  • Maintain good health.  Always remember to make your health a priority. You need to feel as best you can, with proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep, to be at your peak performance with clarity, and remain confident and invariant in your decisions.


The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow.”

 Jim Hightower


Courage results when one’s convictions are bigger than one’s fears.” 

Orrin Woodward


Courage is never to let your actions be influenced by your fears.” 

Arthur Koestler


Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” 

John F. Kennedy


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