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Published on 8 November 2022 at 13:09

BE the Inspiration


Inspiring Others

It is a gift to have the ability, and even the opportunity, to inspire someone else, let alone many. Make this a personal mission to affect as many people as possible positively. You have the ability to favorably influence your own unique surrounding of people and make an impact in this world. BE the inspiration. You have no idea how advantageous being an inspiration to others will be upon yourself and your continual ability to impact others. While this is not the goal, it is an amazingly wonderful "side effect"!


As a leader, you are looked to for guidance and direction. This responsibility should not be taken lightly. Rather, embrace the honor of being in a position with the advantage to help, instruct, advance, and encourage others to grow and discover their own potential desires or achievements. Recall a time when you felt alone, bound, or at a loss for direction. How did you move past this anchoring state of being? Did you have an inspiring person or persons step in and provide encouragement and a helping hand? If so, you now have the opportunity to be a blessing to others and pay it forward. If you persevered and found the strength and endurance to discover solutions on your own, you have acquired priceless character qualities meant to be shared. Each pathway that brought you to this moment provides a perfect platform for extending your motivation and positive and supportive energy to others.


Methods of Inspiring Others:

  • Being authentic.  Be yourself. Be real and be honest. They need to be able to believe in you before they can trust your influences. Be trustworthy and sincere.
  • Listening.  You will only understand the other person's needs when you listen and truly hear the situation from their viewpoint and how it affects them and comprehend where a need could be met.
  • Highlighting their gifts and talents.  Take time to recognize this person's gifts, talents, and abilities that are evident. Be honest and realistic, and do not say things just to appease them. They may have forgotten some of their amazing strengths and could benefit from the reminder.
  • Giving advice or instruction if warranted.  If asked for advice, consider what they have shared and give helpful and supportive suggestions without pressure for follow-through. Ensure the advice is unconditional, and you do not tie your own emotions to the decisions they make regarding your information. Focus on what may be in their best interest.
  • Encouraging.  Be invigorating with your words, affirmations, tone of voice, and inflections, provoking greater hope and peace. Perhaps even stimulate a desire to put forth more effort to pursue their goals or dreams. Enliven their spirit to set these ambitions higher or farther, faster or bigger. Embolden the hope within them to abound on every level.
  • Living as an example.  Exemplify inspiration by living an interesting life filled with motivation, productivity, determination, hard work, and the fortitude to never give up on anything you desire. Be particular about your words. They can either inspire or deflect. There is no inspiration and no reason to choose bad language. Choose uplifting, positive, and "clean" language when engaging with others. What you say and how you say it matters and reflects your influence upon other people and your reputation as an admirable leader.
  • Giving the gift of your time.  Time is likely one of your most precious assets. The cheerful or heartfelt giving of your time in itself is an inspiration, especially to those who know the value of the treasure of time.
  • Giving your empathy or emotion.  Sharing yourself with others emotionally or in an empathetic manner is an amenable means by which to experience and understand the current position of another person. This may be a comforting way for them to feel nurtured and vitalized, allowing them to process binding thoughts and move towards a productive and uplifting response. Strength and encouragement automatically explode when you realize that someone else understands and accepts you just as you are and what you are experiencing.
  • Sharing your positive energy.  Energy is infectious, whether negative or positive. Illuminate your high-frequency energy and let the flow of it sore through every cell of your body. These positive vibrations are powerful and enlightening and will contribute unyielding inspiration and mystifying courage and aspirations.
  • Educating.  If you detect a knowledge deficit as a problem, provide sources of information and education, or use your own wisdom and experience to enlighten others for their benefit. For example, if you identify the person is holding onto bitterness or negative emotions, share with them the need to declutter them from their mind and provide the information and support for how this can be done. Find a need and meet it. Or perhaps you could identify their strongest desires and have resources to propel them toward their goals. Share information on finding the necessary reserves for their own gain and prosperity. Education is priceless and should continue every day of your life to some extent. There are so many wonderful things to experience and learn. Education can open minds to innovative processes or ideas and serves as an unlimited inspirational method.


Benefits automatically abound when you inspire others. Through this selfless process, your own character and zest increasingly grow. Your interests, ambitions, and ideas expand. Your ability to influence amplifies, and high-frequency vibrations are attained joyfully with the knowledge of your favorable impact. Utilize these amazing and powerful ramifications productively and carry on the momentum to continue to inspire.


It is a blessing and a privilege to be in a position to inspire others. Just as easily as it is to be the spark in someone’s light or life, one unfavorable word or action could prove to be just as detrimental. With this awareness, be the positive and inspirational spark, flame, or smile for someone today. Make it a routine, habit, and even one of your missions to inspire and make a difference in the world today. The transformation can be limitless and priceless.



No man can become rich without himself enriching others. No man can empower his life unless he empowers the lives of others.”  John Henry Smith


Serving and attempting to inspire others is a responsibility, not a choice.”

Bill Courtney


Being an inspiration doesn’t mean you always win or get the highest score; it means you are truly able to inspire others.”

Suzy Welch


You can’t help someone get up a hill without getting closer to the top yourself.”

Zig Ziglar


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