Benefits of Bentonite Clay for Baths

Published on 27 September 2023 at 12:28

Benefits of Bentonite Clay for Baths

—Jill Fandrich, PharmD, CRPh


Bentonite clay (powder form) is a popular ingredient used in detox baths for its numerous benefits. When added to bathwater, bentonite clay can help promote detoxification and provide soothing relief to the body. Here are some of the specific purposes of bentonite clay in detox baths:


1. Absorb toxins - Bentonite clay has a unique ability to absorb and bind to toxins, heavy metals, and impurities present on the surface of the skin. When used in a detox bath, it helps draw out these toxins, allowing the body to eliminate them more effectively.


2. Cleanses the skin - The clay's porous structure acts as a natural exfoliant, helping to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. This can result in a clearer complexion and smoother, healthier-looking skin.


3. Soothes skin irritations - Bentonite clay possesses anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent option for soothing skin irritations such as rashes, bug bites, or sunburns. It can help reduce redness, itching, and inflammation, providing relief to the skin.


4. Enhances relaxation - Including bentonite clay in a detox bath can enhance the overall spa-like experience. The clay's smooth texture and mineral-rich composition contribute to the feeling of relaxation and promote a sense of well-being.


5. Softens the water - Bentonite clay has the ability to soften hard water, making it more pleasant and gentle on the skin. This particularly benefits individuals with sensitive or dry skin, as it prevents excessive drying or irritation during the detox bath.


Overall, bentonite clay is a beneficial addition to detox baths, providing detoxification benefits, skin cleansing properties, irritation relief, relaxation, and water-softening effects. Its versatility and natural properties make it a popular choice for those seeking a rejuvenating and detoxifying bath experience.


Like a humble guardian of purity and balance, bentonite clay envelops the body in a detoxifying embrace, drawing out the impurities and burdens of the day and leaving behind a rejuvenated body and soul.

 —Dr. Jill

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