Three Books Coming Soon from Jill Fandrich, PharmD

Published on 24 May 2024 at 10:21

Three Books Coming Soon - Synopsis of Each

—Jill Fandrich, PharmD, CRPh


When Leaders Don't Lead; When Coworkers Don't "Co-Work"

Have you ever worked for an ineffective or incompetent leader?

Have you ever felt unappreciated or unnoticed by your boss?

Have you ever worked with an undermotivated or "entitled" employee?


Building a strong working relationship with your leader can lead to increased job satisfaction, career advancement opportunities, and overall job performance. But what happens if your leader challenges you every step of the way? When Leaders Don't Lead takes you on a journey of discovery of many types of ineffective leadership styles and provides insight and suggestions on how to work with these types of behaviors. You will discover insights, options, opportunities, and inspiration to redeem your work environment and learn to love your efforts all over again.


Finding a way to work with your leader or employee is crucial because effective collaboration and communication between team members and leaders are essential for achieving common goals, satisfaction, and driving success within an organization. By working well with your leader, you can create a positive and productive work environment, build trust and rapport, and enhance overall team performance and job satisfaction. Collaborating with your leader also allows for the exchange of ideas, feedback, and insights, which can lead to improved decision-making and problem-solving. It provides an opportunity to align individual and organizational objectives, ensure clarity on expectations and responsibilities, and foster a sense of unity and cohesion within the team.


Moreover, working well with your leader can help you develop professionally by gaining valuable mentorship, guidance, and support. It enables you to showcase your abilities, contribute effectively to projects, and demonstrate your commitment to the team's success. Your work experience is vital to a healthy life, and it's time to take control of the aspects you can control, and let go of the ones you can't. Look for When Leaders Don't Lead, coming soon to a bookstore near you!


When available, read When Leaders Don't Lead to discover how to strive and even thrive in your workplace while advancing your own personal and professional growth.


The Missing Variable

Have you ever followed instructions carefully, yet the results were skewed?

Have you followed every parenting rule, yet your kids still sway?

Have you taken leadership courses, yet your staff is noncompliant?

Have you been a devoted companion, yet your spouse turned away?

Have you led with passion and desire, yet your followers lack initiative?


What went wrong? What causes this dissent despite the “perfect” setup or scenario? Why is it that sometimes, the results aren't as anticipated or expected, no matter how hard you try or how much effort you apply? The Missing Variable discusses this very principle. Life is complex and unpredictable. Many factors can contribute to things not turning out as expected despite the best laid-out plan. In each situation, this book identifies and examines the missing variable. Where does it come from, and why? More importantly, how can it be anticipated, resolved, or, better yet, prevented from appearing in the first place?


The Missing Variable analyzes real-life situations, showing the proper approaches, potential variables that can interfere, and how to address them. Whether internal, external, natural, or other unforeseen circumstances, The Missing Variable provides awareness, thought-provoking ideas, suggestions, hope, and encouragement in resolving those unwarranted variables that creep into your life at the most inopportune times, allowing you to eliminate guilt and frustration, and move forward in a positive, successful, and more predictable manner.


Falsely Accused

Have you ever been accused of something you didn’t do?

Have you been falsely accused by your boss?
Have you been wrongly blamed by a spouse or loved one?

How do you resolve the accusations and move on?


Falsely Accused is a practical guide, offering advice and strategies for navigating the emotional and physical challenges of being falsely accused. It underscores the importance of staying calm, seeking support from loved ones, and working diligently to clear your name. The book shares how to cope with being wrongly accused, featuring real-life stories and expert insights into false accusations. It uncovers each situation and equips readers with tools to reclaim their reputation, maintain mental resilience, and move forward with their lives. This book is a guide for those facing unjust accusations, empowering you to advocate for yourself and find the strength to overcome adversity and become stronger and more resilient because of it.


Also enjoy The Three-Step Process for Personal and Professional Growth.


Trilogy or Jillogy




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Step Two

Step Three

Anticipation is the sweetest joy of the reader's heart, as the promise of new books beckons like a treasure waiting to be discovered.

—Dr. Jill

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