Why Do We Need Leaders: Showing How Helpful Leaders Are

Published on 5 April 2024 at 10:00
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The question, "Why do we need leaders?" has been asked for so long, and many have answered this query.


Leaders provide invaluable benefits to everyone they're working with, as well as to the organization they're working in. Jill Fandrich, PharmD, author of Medically Speaking, Who Connects Your Dots? A Guide to Critical Thinking knows the importance of leadership training for career growth. Any organization or workplace is going to need a leader, but what are the different reasons why leaders are sought after?


Today, we'll be taking a look at those reasons and have a better understanding of the importance that leaders have.


Reason #1: Better Security—Removal of Barriers and Threats


Human survival is a basic need, the first essential reason we require leaders. To live and maintain our lives, we will stop at nothing. Parents are the people we look to for guidance while we are young, and they are going to have a big impact on our safety. They accomplish this by trying to get rid of obstacles and dangers that could endanger our safety.


Hopefully, as we mature and learn, our parents will impart enough knowledge to enable us to maintain our own safety and well-being. However, as we get older and mature, we quickly find ourselves in unfamiliar and difficult circumstances. This may make us feel frightened and uneasy, more concerned with our comfort, pride, integrity, and future achievement than our life or personal safety.


Naturally, we will look to those who can offer us leadership, direction, and assistance to minimize our risks and obstacles. Failure to perform at the level we have set for ourselves may be detrimental to our future achievement and development.


Reason #2: Purpose—Giving Belonging and Vision


The age-old query people have always had: "Why are we here?" relates to the second reason that we require leaders. Asking "Why do we need leaders?" can also be answered by this reason. However, the important question of "Why are we here?" is beyond the capacity of leaders to address in all genuine senses.


However, they can respond to this query in terms of our lives and jobs. We look to leadership to offer a response to this query. Individuals who can communicate meaning and purpose in a way that uplifts and encourages others are considered good leaders.


One can say that this is why leadership training for career growth is so important. Leaders assist us in determining, comprehending, and honing our mission. They assist us in coordinating our ideas and making the motivations behind our work clear.


In all they do, people look for explanations and understanding, and leaders try to meet this desire. And this is why we need to value the reasons leadership is important in the workplace or organizations.


Reason #3: Achievement—Making Success Come True and Achieving Goals


The third reason we require leaders is related to our need to advance in order to lead fulfilling lives. Once dangers have been reduced and our aim has been made clear, this usually takes on greater significance because it will have created a solid foundation for our success. It's normal to want to learn, grow, and develop, to strive to be the finest version of yourself, and to achieve at all you do. Our innate drive for success stems from our need for stability and direction.


Generally speaking, we will feel more comfortable, attain more goals of purpose and belonging, and be more successful in our employment and personal lives. Our parents and teachers provide us with the guidance we need to succeed when we are young. However, as we become older and encounter more difficult circumstances, we are compelled to look for leadership from a wider range of sources.


Why Do We Need Leaders? It's Because They Provide Great Value


By optimizing our performance, effective leaders will significantly increase our chances of success and accomplishment. They can help and mentor us in all of our endeavors. Leaders give us what we need. They give us the flexibility to do what we want, authority over others, rewards, and overall help us advance in whatever way we can.


So, are you thinking of getting leadership training for career growth? Then grab a copy of Jill Fandrich's book, Medically Speaking, Who Connects Your Dots? A Guide to Critical Thinking, today. It'll get you started on the right track.


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