Success Is Ele-MENTAL

Published on 6 October 2023 at 12:04

Success Is Ele-MENTAL

—Jill Fandrich, PharmD, CRPh


Character qualities and leadership skills play a crucial role in determining an individual's success. While numerous attributes contribute to success, certain qualities are essential in driving effective leadership and achieving personal and professional goals. Here are some of the more than fifty character qualities and leadership skills you will find in Success Is Ele-MENTAL that are instrumental in paving the path to success:


  1. Integrity - Possessing unwavering honesty, ethics, and moral principles is vital. Leaders who demonstrate integrity are trusted, inspire trust in others, and are respected for their consistency.


  1. Resilience - Bouncing back from setbacks and adapting to challenging situations is crucial for success. Resilient leaders remain determined, persevere through difficult times, and find creative solutions to problems.


  1. Self-Discipline - This quality encompasses self-control, focus, and the ability to prioritize tasks effectively. Leaders who exhibit self-discipline are proactive, organized, and consistently work toward their goals.


  1. Self-Awareness - Understanding one's strengths, weaknesses, emotions, and impact on others is essential for effective leadership. Being self-aware allows leaders to make informed decisions, leverage their strengths, and seek growth opportunities in areas that require improvement.


  1. Empathy - Successful leaders empathize with and understand others, fostering positive relationships and building a supportive work environment. Showing empathy improves collaboration, helps resolve conflicts, and encourages team cohesion.


  1. Visionary Thinking - A successful leader possesses the ability to envision the future, set clear goals, and communicate their vision effectively. Visionary leaders inspire and motivate others, guiding them toward a shared purpose and driving innovation and progress.


  1. Communication Skills - Strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills are crucial for leaders to clearly convey their ideas, expectations, and feedback. Effective communication fosters understanding, builds trust, and minimizes misunderstandings within teams or organizations.


  1. Decision-Making - Leaders must make informed and timely decisions based on available information. Successful leaders evaluate options, consider risks and benefits, and implement their decisions confidently.


  1. Adaptability - Adaptability is crucial for success in a rapidly changing world. This quality enables leaders to embrace change, open themselves to new ideas, and adjust their strategies according to the evolving needs of their teams or organizations.


  1. Accountability - Taking responsibility and accountability for their actions and the outcomes of their decisions is a key quality of successful leaders. Accountability fosters trust, encourages ownership, and creates a culture of high performance.


Success Is Ele-MENTAL includes fifty character qualities and numerous leadership skills to read and internalize. Integrity, resilience, self-discipline, self-awareness, empathy, visionary thinking, effective communication, decision-making abilities, adaptability, and accountability are some of the vital attributes that contribute to successful leadership and ultimately lead to achieving personal and professional goals.


Learn more about these and other vital qualities and skills as you read Success Is Ele-MENTAL.


Success Is Ele-MENTAL is Step Two in The Three-Step Process of Personal and Professional Growth.


Trilogy or Jillogy




A person's character qualities and leadership skills are the compass that directs them toward success. These qualities, such as integrity, determination, empathy, and adaptability, are the foundation upon which great leaders are built. Through their unwavering commitment to these qualities, they inspire others, navigate challenges, and drive positive change. True success is not solely measured by achievements but by a leader's influence and positive impact on those around them. So, let your character qualities guide your actions, and let your leadership skills inspire greatness in others—that is the path to true success.

—Dr. Jill

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