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Published on 24 December 2022 at 08:13

Be Obedient


45 - Obedience

As a leader, you must be obedient to a great deal of things and several people. Be compliant with your values and belief system. It is your duty to act in accordance with them and uphold them. Be subservient in caring for and guiding your coworkers and placing their best interests in high regard. Willingly obey all standards and practices, licensing requirements, etc., that govern your business. Also, show discipline, adhere to the responsibilities of spiritually leading your family, and be active and productive in your community. Obedience involves more than just abiding by the governing regulations. There is a spiritual realm, including your own belief system, in which you must observe. That being said, you may not always agree with political and elected officials. It is still your responsibility to obey so long as your morals are not compromised. Perhaps exercise creative freedom and remove yourself from some of the negative effects. Along with things and people, even your thoughts are to be "made to be" obedient. Two Corinthians 10:5 tells us to "take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ."  It is your leadership responsibility to demonstrate obedience in all areas of your life.


Benefits of Obedience:

  • Peace of mind.  When you act obediently, your mind is filled with peace in knowing your compliance. You have a clear conscience leaving no room for despair or uncertainty regarding your actions. Although an outcome may not be as you had hoped, there are still no regrets as you acted in good faith and in accordance with your values. Peace is priceless. If any future complications should arise, while you will have concerns, you will still have a peace-of-mind knowing you acted obediently and responsibly. 
  • Respect from others.  While obedience should be expected anyway, it still leads to respect from other people when you adhere to all applicable laws and guidelines. Sometimes it is difficult to take the high road, and it is often the road less traveled. Yet you will be admired and respected for always making the right decision and acting obediently regardless of the outcome or the adversity that may reveal itself.
  • Respect from yourself.  You will find you also have greater respect for yourself when you are obedient. The more difficult the situation, the more respect you will gain for yourself for overcoming the negative challenges along the way. You will build self-confidence and self-worth for your choices and the example you set. It feels good to do the right thing.
  • Consistency When you follow the rules, you are consistent in your actions. You always do the right things and make the right choices. Your coworkers can predict your actions as they know you consistently do what is right. The same holds true with your family, friends, and other business contacts. People will rely on your consistent reputation and "habit" of obedience.
  • Builds integrity.  Consistently being obedient builds a reputation for integrity. You are true to your word, and your actions are obedient to the rules established, whether by you or an overhead governing force. You are devoted to truth and obedience and considered reliable and credible.
  • Resilience.  You become more and more resilient with obedience as you know the truth and the results of being obedient. There is nothing to lose by being obedient. You are strong and solid in your stance and beliefs and are backed by truth, honesty, and integrity. You have built a solid foundation and reputation and have an army of people that believe in you.
  • Contentment.  There is joy in being obedient. With a clear conscience and a peace-filled mind, contentment, and joy fill your spirit. When your mind is in harmony with truth and obedience, it will allow you to experience the feeling of contentment as a result. It is important to be mindful of your thoughts and integrate them with the appropriate obedient actions. The values programmed into your mind must be aligned with your actions to feel contentment.
  • Prevents wasting time.  Obedient choices prevent wasted time by doing things right the first time. There is no loss of time from having to redo a process, fix the results of disobedience, or from the destructive mental discontentedness and anxiety that results from disobedience. When your mind is cluttered, your ability to process information is distorted and fuzzy, negatively affecting your efficiency.
  • Builds character In general, you build character as you work honestly and make disciplined decisions. When you are compliant and submissive to authority, you grow in all leadership qualities and build your overall character and reputation.
  • Builds trust.  Trust grows exponentially as you are consistently obedient. You are considered an honest person who does the right thing even during challenging times. You are dependable, responsible, reliable, and accountable.
  • Clarity With the peace of mind that results from being obedient comes clarity. Your mind is relaxed and free to think and be creative. It is open and free from clutter and distractions.  Having framed your mind in obedience, there is the freedom to think, be creative, and problem-solving.


Faith is only real when there is obedience, never without it, and faith only becomes faith in the act of obedience.” 

Dietrich Bonhoeffer


God is responsible for the consequences of our obedience. WE are responsible for the consequences of our disobedience.” Charles Stanley


Obedience is not measured by our ability to obey laws and principles; obedience is measured by our response to God’s voice.” 

Bill Johnson


He who cannot obey cannot command.” Jack Hyles


Good intentions are no substitute for obedience.” Norman Vincent Peale


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