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Published on 6 December 2022 at 07:06

Be Positive


27 - Positivity

Maintaining a positive attitude despite difficulties is not only possible but also admirable and advantageous. Since there will always be difficulties throughout your life, it is worth spending time on ways to promote positivity in your daily lifestyle. Make it a habit, and cause it to be infectious, sharing the uplifting vibrations with everyone around you. Make it a daily goal to cause people to smile and enlighten their lives. Be creative and have fun finding new ways to light up their lives. Start with your own family, then friends and coworkers. Affect those closest to you with positive energy, then continue with random people you meet throughout the day. Make it a way of life to light a spark in yourself and others. The light that you give will always reflect on you.


Ways to Maintain or Practice Positivity:

  • Practice gratitude.  Thank God for your family, friends, job, business, talents, and abilities. Thank Him for the pleasant day and the colorful environment. Thank Him for the food He provides and for your pets and the birds above that fly freely with a song at the ready despite having no food storage or reservations for their next meal. Thank God for the roof over your head and your ability and means to cope with challenging circumstances. There are endless things you can be thankful for. When you show gratitude, your focus is drawn away from yourself and any negative thoughts, allowing positive energy to flow through your body and into your surroundings. Be sure to show gratitude through difficult times as well. This is more challenging, but you will build strength and character as you show gratitude even during dark and difficult times. You could be thankful for the friends who stood by you or having the strength of your family. Thank everyone who helps you in any way. Acknowledge their participation, and do not hesitate to show your appreciation. Show gratitude for big things as well as small things. There is always so much to be grateful for!
  • Get your praise on.  When you sense negative or insecure thoughts taking over, get your praise on. When you raise your head, heart, and hands in praise, negativity falls away, as you cannot simultaneously be in a high-frequency position of exultation and negativity. They cannot coexist.  So perform some "magic" and make the unfavorable feelings disappear by worshipping the One who gave you life.  Sing a song such as “How Great Thou Art,” or express heartfelt gratitude with the simple words, thank you. Look at the beauty surrounding you and praise God for the awesome amazement of it all. Praise the people who helped you complete a project or solve a problem. Praise your children for their accomplishments and for cleaning up after themselves. Just look around, and you will see endless excuses to praise someone and raise your own spirits as well.
  • Serve others.  Serving others takes the focus off of yourself and any negative feelings that may have absorbed your thoughts and redirects them to benefit someone else. There is a joy that evolves as a natural "side effect" of helping someone. Energy is transformed into positive high-frequency vibrations when you put someone else's needs before your own. This will energize your body, mind, and soul as you selflessly give of yourself and show compassion for others. And great joy abounds as you witness the positive impact on the other person you serve.
  • Take time to relax and unwind.  Do not forget to relax and have some fun. It is important to balance your life with some downtime and engage in things you enjoy. Do you like to play or watch sports? How about enjoying a movie or a play? Or spending priceless time with children, watching them play intensely without a care in the world. Maybe a nap is in order. Know what it is that helps you unwind and make time in your schedule to refresh your body, mind, and soul with this spiritual and joyful energy. Recharge yourself. It is positively riveting!
  • Meditate.  Meditation helps you to clear your mind and relax your body, mind, and soul. It can bring you to a state of stillness and serenity, allowing negative vibes to slip away. Replace them with positive energy and bring yourself to a place of peaceful existence. Daily meditation will bring you a clearer awareness of your body, mind, and soul. There are many different forms of meditation to choose from. Try various ways until you discover what is most effective for you, leaving you positively refreshed. Individualize and personalize the method, and make it your own.
  • Maintain your health.  Good health is of extreme importance. Eat a healthy diet and be aware of what you put into your body. If it isn’t healthy, it may have an unwanted effect on your body, if not right away, perhaps in time. Exercise and keep your muscles limber yet toned. This can help regulate a healthy blood pressure and increase or maintain bone strength. Get the proper amount of sleep and rest for your body. Your mind is clearest when you are in good health. Positive energy flows best in a healthy body.
  • Mindful awareness.  Choose to be happy. When you get up in the morning, it is your choice to select a positive outlook for the day. Choose positive thoughts and high-frequency energy. Be aware of your current state of mind and decide if that’s how you want your demeanor for the day. Take a positive approach and think of supportive thoughts. Be mindful of your choices and your right and responsibility to choose them. Be accountable for your actions and choices.
  • Identify purpose.  Know your purpose.  Identify your purpose for your family, how you run your business, the goals you established for your business, etc.  Having a purpose for each thing you do allows for a clear vision of what you aim to accomplish.  There is no confusion when a purpose has been established.  Have a clear vision; then, all actions can be aligned with it based on your values.  Having a defined purpose allows positivity to flourish.
  • Practice acceptance.  Unforeseen circumstances will occur throughout your life.  Accept this fact, and you will be in a stronger position to identify and accept when a situation is beyond your control.  Once you have exhausted all possible actions you can consider in response to a situation, if there is nothing more you can do or offer, you should be able to come to a position of acceptance.  Don’t give in to regret or guilt.  Release any sign of them from your mind and let the positive energy flow.
  • Be good to yourself.  Don’t allow everything to fall on your shoulders. Accept or even ask for help if necessary. Allow input from others and keep an open mind. Keep yourself healthy and take time to enjoy your life. Smile, laugh, and have some fun. Don’t take everything too seriously. Be gentle with yourself when you make mistakes. Learn from them, and don’t repeat them; forgive yourself and move on. Do your best and accept your limitations. Nurture your body, mind, and soul. Be at peace with yourself.
  • Reprogram your mind.  As presented in Elevate Your Mind to Success, take the time to identify the negative thoughts and emotions embedded in your mind. Work to clear them out, then reprogram and fill your mind with positive, supportive, and favorable thoughts. Keep tending to this until they become habits and are automatic responses, aligning with your belief system. When your mind is reprogrammed with positive and supportive thoughts, you decrease or even eliminate stress and worry, as your reactions are preprogrammed in a favorable light. They will be instinctive responses aligned with your values and goals.


With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.” Wayne Dyer


Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress.” Nicholas Murray Butler


Discipline yourself to find something positive in every situation every day. You attract positivity when you are positive within.” Brian Tracy


The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” 

Winston Churchill


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