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Published on 13 November 2022 at 11:16

Be Cautious


4 - Cautiousness

Do you consider yourself particular in your decision-making abilities? Or does quantity take precedence over quality? How would you feel if both were simultaneously and automatically utilized without exerting any additional effort? Cautiousness is showing careful forethought or prudence and being attentive to the possibility of an unwanted outcome or result. Taking caution in handling and responding to decisions can have a lasting impact on you and those under your guidance and protection.


Reasons Why It is Important to Be Cautious:

  • Lasting results.  If it is your decision, you are responsible for the final outcome, which could be a long-lasting result. Whatever decision or action you approve or implicate will have consequences. Being cautious in the final release will increase the probability that the outcome is supportive and favorable for the cause it affects.
  • Effects upon others.  Not only will you need to be accountable for the actual effects of the decision or action, but you will also be accountable for how it impacts other people tied to the decision, whether within a business or family unit.  As a leader, your decisions and actions directly and even indirectly influence everyone in some way connected to the common issue acted upon. It is your responsibility to protect, guide and in no way harm any other.
  • Peace of mind.  The responsibility of decisions and actions can be very heavy, especially when so many precious resources, such as employees, your business, and your family, may be affected. Taking the time to be cautious is a way to eliminate feelings of doubt or even missed opportunities. You can be secure in your abilities, confident in your processing, and hopeful about the outcome.
  • All things considered.  By thinking through many possible solutions or actions that could be chosen, you have opened your mind to various potential outcomes, actions, or resolutions. There is a greater chance of some new or innovative idea that could enhance your associates' or company's course of action. You expand your reachability to amazing new possibilities by cautiously analyzing your options.
  • Your reputation.  Are you known to shoot from the hip or to be considerate in your responses? People like to know you take necessary measures to consider all reasonable possibilities of action before reaching a conclusion. They put their trust in you to be wise in their eyes. Your reputation as a leader is an ongoing and active measure of each action you do or do not take. It is important to be aware and protect your reputation by being wise with every deliverance you make.
  • Personal self-worth.  As a leader, you must value and nurture your own mental health, so you will be strong and available to guide your associates or family. Many people depend on you, which is often a heavy responsibility to bear. Remember that your continued development is a very important aspect of your leadership, which should be a daily event. You want to be able to take pride in your abilities, actions, and decisions, and an ounce of caution will help keep you on a skill-building effort for your own daily self-improvement journey.


It is important to be cautious in every decision you make or action you take. Whether in your career or your family life, taking a little time in advance will prove to be an invaluable reward as a result. As referred to above regarding simultaneous and automatic responses, preprogramming your mind with the right information, to begin with, will allow for these automatic thoughts and will guarantee the types of actions you desire to come forth effortlessly and reflexively.


Intelligence is knowing the right answer. Wisdom is knowing when to say it.” Tim Fargo


Don’t ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.” Robert Frost


Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable reading about in the newspaper the next day.” Joel Olsteen


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