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Published on 23 October 2022 at 20:19

Failure - Part of Success


As you have undoubtedly already heard, failure is simply one of many ways NOT to do something. And it isn't actually "failure" unless you quit trying. Before the very moment of a decision to quit, it is still part of the pathway to success. Success is the result of a long process that takes diligent and consistent effort in order to attain. Lots of perseverance and hard work are involved. But it can be such an exciting and stimulating process! It is the journey that matters.


There is so much to be learned, and new information is amazing! It leads to "new-merous" ideas and different ways of doing things. An array of differing opportunities is bound to arise with various possible outcomes. It is a perfect time to open your mind and grow from the priceless knowledge revealed. Observe what did not go how you desired and seek out why. Could that be an opportunity in itself to pursue a different direction? Or is it knowledge of something to eliminate from the original pathway you are striving for? Take time to learn from this result. What new choices will you make as a result of it? What five things come to mind as you observe the process that led to this outcome? What will you alter as you continue in pursuit of your desired goal? How can this new information help you travel down an even more advantageous pathway?


Information is priceless. This step has given you more information to be used for an even better future outcome. Do not allow negative thoughts to cloud or hinder your goals. Do not allow this to change your goals unless you are even more motivated to enhance them further, especially knowing you are aware of an additional way not to do things. Allow yourself to raise your energy to positive, high-frequency vibrations. Clear your mind of all negative thoughts. And when you have taken the time to do this, come to the realization that "not succeeding" the first time in something has many benefits:


1.)  Knowledge of what not to do.  When you know what not to do, your mind opens to selecting more appropriate things you can try next.

2.)  Confidence and Relief.  Knowing what not to do makes you more confident that you are getting closer to your target or goal. In addition, you should feel relief that the unfavorable outcome occurred when it did so it can be resolved early in the goal development.

3.)  Motivation.  Discovering an obstacle while reaching for your goals places you one step closer to those goals. This can build motivation and positive energy as you wade through the process of elimination.

4.)  Innovation.  With your new knowledge, your mind can expand, let positive energy flow through it, and raise your vibrations, allowing innovative, creative ideas to flow. Take full advantage of this outpouring of thoughts and give them the freedom to take you to uncharted territory!

5.)  Perseverance.  Rather than allow a setback to slow you down, reverse the idea and see it as a "move forward" and be determined to see your goals reach fruition.

6.)  Pride.  The good kind.  Take pride in the fact that you are moving towards the goals you have set for yourself. Be proud of yourself for working hard and persevering in search of a favorable way to reach the desired outcome.

7.)  Joy and Contentment.  Allow yourself to enjoy the journey! Consider it all joy as you learn, grow, discover, and recreate.


Be sure not to lower your goal when you experience a "move forward." Never decrease your goal. Rather, step up your action! This alone will separate you from others. People are often inclined to lower their goals in order to reach them. Instead, double, triple, or even quadruple your actions. Try more ideas, give more thought, make more effort, place more calls, and do more research. Take more action! Make your effort in abundance, and never give up. Stay focused on your goals and give them full attention. Where your attention goes, energy flows, and actions show.


"You will never fail unless you give up. And giving up is not an option."

Jill Fandrich


"Success is measured by how high you bounce when you hit bottom."

George S. Patton


"The Phoenix must burn to emerge."

 Janet Fitch


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