A look at: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (cont)

Published on 2 August 2022 at 15:31

DECLARATION 3:  "What I modeled around money was their way. I choose my way."

According to Harv:

T. Harv Eker discusses the idea of "modeling." What were people like around you regarding money? What were your parents or guardians like? How might this affect your financial life?  Think about the decisions you have made regarding money. What led you to those choices? Harv tells you to "unlink your money motivation from the wrong sources...fear, need to prove yourself, etc." Instead, you must choose to install new links through purpose, contribution, and joy. You will live out that reality if you believe you are not enough. Modeling is defined in Merriam-Webster as a person or thing that serves as a pattern; to plan or form after a pattern. People who surround you have modeled money behavior your entire life. You have been preprogrammed. When you apply a negative connotation to money, the process of acquiring it, or the 'need' of it for the wrong emotional reasons, your mind is not always open to the endless resources you are able to access. When you reprogram your mind to see money as a way to advance in your position, family life, help others, and grow in your compassion for humanity, the mind begins to work in a more productive, powerful, and almost limitless way.


A Book in Time's Commentary:


Professionally:  T. Harv Eker has brought to light many deep thoughts I have never considered before. Professionally, I was told I should/will go to college, earn a degree and support myself on a salary. These are very safe and reasonable instructions, and nothing is wrong with them. However, they are very limiting and, for me personally, dissatisfying. While I have spent years in my doctor-degreed career, I have never been more content than I am now, exploring new avenues and utilizing the talents I have been blessed with. Now more than ever in history that I am aware of, we can develop all kinds of businesses utilizing our talents, bringing joy to our lives and families as we prosper. Sometimes it just takes a leap of faith.


Personally:  I most definitely modeled the view of money based on my upbringing. We were always discreet regarding money; there was nothing wrong with that behavior. As I am continuously reprogramming my mind, I see a stable salary and a viable option. Still, additional doors and windows allow for multiple means of progression and success. I stopped focusing on the narrow tunnel before me and instead on what I enjoyed and where my talents and abilities lay. In doing this, I received peace, contentment, and knowledge of the Source of the blessings; my Creator. Through Him, all things are possible according to His will.


Spiritually:  I choose to see money as a means of helping humanity. We are here to love, serve and help each other. And the obvious fact is that money makes it easier to do these things. Explore ways your kindness, compassion, and generosity may bless humanity.

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