Review Part 2: Declutter Your Mind by Tiffany Adams from A Book in Time

Published on 18 October 2022 at 14:48

Declutter Your Mind by Tiffany Adams


The Review:

Over time, our minds become cluttered by many things, such as unresolved events of the day or even past memories. Even as we sleep, our mind continues to process information that has not yet been dealt with appropriately.  According to author Tiffany Adams, decluttering the mind looks at this jumble of information. It seeks to file and help clear away this overabundance of "clutter" to reduce the possibility or even the likelihood of stress or panic.


Tiffany states that things that clutter your mind include toxic people, your surroundings, toxic habits, and the belief that you are "busy." Since the things we experience, how we learn, and our perceptions and belief are all stored in our minds, it is necessary to declutter your mind to give it a break.


Tiffany thoroughly assessed the causes of clutter, both physically and mentally, and possible solutions to prevent or eliminate the evolution of clutter. While the material covered was quite inclusive, I was not drawn to the style in which it was presented. The use of words and descriptions and the analogy choices are not pleasing to me, such as continuously referring to "your inner critic," claiming mental clutter "thrives," or discussing "why your new habit doesn't "stick." There is also advice to "obsess" over one worry, learn to "stress about one thing at a time," and even ways to "kill stress." I find the idea of "dwelling on negativity," or asking if there even is such a thing as "being busy," a little contrary.


However, I believe many people will find the layout of the chapters and completeness of the content helpful and the author's intent to find a way to help others sincerely.


The Recommendation:

Personally, I would not recommend Declutter the Mind as one of my top choices of books to read for someone looking to improve him or herself by decluttering the negativity in the mind. While many aspects within this book just do not appeal to me, I believe the read may appeal to others and may be beneficial as well. There is relevant content, and the topics themselves are helpful.


The Rating:

Based on the Rating system defined in the ABOUT section of A Book in Time:


Is it easy to understand?  YES


Is it relevant, applicable, or attainable?  YES


If applied, will it improve some aspect of business, personal, or spiritual growth?  YES


Does it leave me motivated and energized?  NO


Do I believe it is worth sharing with others?  NO


Therefore, Declutter the Mind has received a 3 YES Rating from A Book in Time.


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