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Published on 27 September 2022 at 12:38

Declutter Your Mind by Tiffany Adams



The Rap:

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by all the "stuff" going on in your life and the environment around you? Wouldn't it be a relief to find a source that could clear your mind and help you through various challenging situations?


The Relevant:

Declutter Your Mind was written by Tiffany Adams and released on December 3, 2019. Tiffany graduated with a degree in Psychology and has a passion for educating others about setting and achieving goals. As a born procrastinator, she was determined to find a way to overcome this challenge and work productively towards her goals. By writing about topics such as Declutter, she hopes to show others their goals can be attainable by changing their mindset, and with this book, by decluttering their minds.


The Rundown:

Our brains are the master of everything we do from our childbirth on. Our mind stores all of the input that is downloaded every day. This includes things we experience, how we learn, and our perceptions of what we have taken in. All of these stimuli are gathered in our brains, and if not processed correctly or quickly enough, it clutters our minds. Tiffany says we can give our brains a break by decluttering the mind.


Tiffany promises that if you read and follow this book, "You will have a more productive perspective, know what you want and how to get it, and have a more digitally and mentally organized inbox." Rewiring your brain requires effort, work, and motivation, and this starts with a choice; your choice. She also defines what mental clutter is and where it comes from.


Tiffany discusses negative thinking and how it is linked to mental clutter. What you think about ultimately defines your outcome, making it your reality. Stress and other mental clutter causes are also discussed, including the exhaustive effects of social media. Steps to overcome negative social media thoughts are included, and she questions whether your life is really "all that busy?"


Specific negative contributors to mental clutter are listed, including habits, being disorganized, and her favorite - the inner critic. Tiffany continues with ways to counter the negativity, such as enjoying some alone time, meditating, becoming more organized, listening to that inner critic, reframing your mind, and learning how to make positivity a habit. Tiffany recommends you "be your own best friend" and identify toxic relationships that should be eliminated. She also suggests ways to "kill stress," maintain trust, "beat" old habits, and shares reasons why your new habit doesn't "stick."


Tiffany wraps up the content by sharing words of affirmation that she finds helpful and provides her own confidence-boosting techniques. She also adds a final section to discuss digital clutter and why you "don't need it." Tiffany closes by sharing that after finishing the book, she hopes you "aren't afraid to be yourself, take care of yourself, and truly love yourself because that is all it takes to declutter the mind."


The Review, The Recommendation, and The Rating will follow.


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