Chapter 5, part 3: Declutter Your Mind from A Book in Time

Published on 14 September 2022 at 14:30

According to Tiffany:

Learn how to make positivity a habit:

1.  Welcome positive influences in your life.

2.  Be responsible for your actions.

3.  Read positive affirmations that you can relate to; choose ones that fit your fears and are opposite to your strengths.

4.  Replace negative wording or phrases; challenge every thought your inner critic tells you.

5.  Develop an ambitious mindset; establish goals and dreams; they give life purpose, the foundation of a decluttered mind. Reward yourself upon accomplishing.

6.  Compliment and help others. This increases serotonin and oxytocin levels in the brain, which are the feel-good hormones. Make them genuine and honest.


Be thankful for the things you have and the relationships you value.


A Book in Time's Commentary:


Professionally:  Goals are the recipe for success. Imagine baking cookies but having no recipe. Your cookies may, by chance, turn out to be edible, yet a much better outcome will most likely be achieved as a result of following a recipe. And to take that one step further, if there is a proven recipe for the best cookies ever baked, by following this recipe, you stand an even greater chance of producing a similarly delicious outcome as well. Success may be thought of in this same way. If you desire success but do not have a sound plan, you may achieve a level of success by chance. However, if you take time to research, organize, and prepare a goal, blueprint, or Business Plan, you will most likely have a much more favorable outcome. The "one step further" method here would involve selecting someone very successful whom you admire. Learn everything you can about this person. If they have written books, take time to read them. If you know them personally, set up a time to speak with them, ask a substantial amount of questions and listen! Take detailed notes and learn as much as you can. Find out what they have read and where they learned to be successful. Get to know everything you can about this person and the steps they took to become successful. Let them be your recipe or blueprint on your journey of growth and advancement. Learn from the best and never stop learning.

According to, "Here are some of the habits that have helped highly successful people to achieve their goals:

1.)  They work hard.  You must focus on what will truly make you successful: hard work.

2.)  They plan.  You must have a strategy to keep you going and illuminate how to reach your destination.

3.)  They take action and don't procrastinate.  Successful people have mastered the habit of taking action.

4.)  They have clear goals.  They focus on goals they know are attainable within a realistic time frame.

5.)  They take risks.  Successful people are willing to fail.

6.)  They read a lot.  Successful people read and broaden their horizons through the habit of reading.

7.)  They do what they are passionate about.  They ensure that their daily habits are centered on activities that will bring out the best in them - and drive them further towards success."


Personally:  While a positive affirmation is a way to focus on most likely a favorable occurrence, your mind is keen enough to know that this statement is not actually true at the moment. It is about a possible future event. There is no doubt there are numerous benefits to affirmations, such as an elevated energy level and perhaps motivation or a sense of serenity and calmness. However, there is no ownership of an affirmation. You are simply affirming a nonexistent event. On the other hand, there is a clear delineation of ownership with a declaration. "To affirm means to 'state positively, confirm.' To declare means to 'make known officially, formally, to make it evident'" from When you declare something, you are owning it now, at this present moment. In the "vibrational world," you exhibit resistance to statements that have not yet occurred in the present. This then serves as an obstacle in the process you attempt to achieve through an affirmation. On the other hand, when you "declare" something internal and out loud, you are stating that you already are this thing you declare. And this is something the vibrational world can align with. Your speech will align with your making the declaration thoughts as you think of the person. Learn to be more aware of your self-talk and think before you speak. How do you want that self-talk to align with your intentions? Let your declarations align your thoughts and your words, and choose them carefully. They will ultimately affect your actions.


Spiritually:  "A compliment is a positive and powerful encouragement," from Even if the words are small, the effect is very large. "Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around," from Leo Buscaglia. A sincere compliment can put people at ease and transform vibrations into positive energy. Not only does the receiver benefit but also the giver is favorably affected by this kind gesture. Make yourself aware of the opportunities available to amplify the energy and light up someone's day. And if you are the receiver of a compliment, be sure to accept and receive the generous gift fully.  Often, people quickly discount a compliment and shy away from accepting this gift. Instead, graciously receive it with a smile and a thank you. A positive atmosphere is created from a simple compliment, with the power to transform your feelings.  


"I will be generous with my love today. I will sprinkle compliments and uplifting words everywhere I go. I will do this knowing that my words are like seeds and when they fall on fertile soil, a reflection of those seeds will grow into something bigger."

Steve Maraboli


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