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Published on 22 August 2022 at 16:33

Who or what is Bookemon?  Let's spend some time and find out more about this treasured company!


Bookemon is a unique book creation site built for parents, teachers, and young authors.  They offer online and mobile apps for members to create memorable projects.   It can be an invaluable tool as a repository of family memories.  Scan pictures, drawings, and handwritten documents and store them easily.  


Bookemon works as an online binder to which pages and photographs can be added over a period of time.  Within these, you may select pages to print or publish or include the entire document when complete.  


Bookemon makes it easy for groups to work on a joint project as everyone can work according to their own availability.

Encourage a Child To Make A Book

Inspiring your child to make a book encourages both reading and creativity.  Maybe they want to make a book about some of their life experiences, a family story that they've heard repeatedly, or a book about their favorite things.  The possibilities are endless.  They could make a pet book, how-to book, school days book, and more. Bookemon makes this process easy by providing free templates and themes that include birthdays, yearbooks, pets, poetry, fiction, and so much more.  They can also make a custom theme by easily uploading their drawings or photos to create a theme that is as unique as the story they're telling.

Helping your child see themselves as a reader is a lifelong process that has to grow and change just like they do.  Giving them easy access to books they enjoy and making reading a family tradition will help them visualize themselves as readers. Bookemon can help by providing the resources that allow them to make books of their own about stories they have wanted to tell or read about.  Get started , or try it out today.  Make a lasting impression on a grandparent by helping your child make him or her a customized book to enjoy and share.

Want to Print Out Your Work as a
Quality Book but don't know HOW?

Bookemon Book Creation Service - Create a book from your documents and turn it into a printable one

If you want to turn your content created in files such as Word, PDF, or PPT into a book but don't know how to do it, here comes the solution.   Bookemon Book Creation service will create and publish the book on your behalf based on your requests for how you want your book to look.


There are many fun and exciting memories, binders, documents, books, and so much more that may be created by tapping into one of the above links for this fascinating company or visiting A Book in Time's Book Shop page.


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