A look at: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (cont)

Published on 9 August 2022 at 13:55

DECLARATION 10:  "I focus on opportunities over obstacles. I get ready; I fire, I aim."

According to Harv:

"Rich people focus on opportunities. Poor people focus on obstacles," states T. Harv Eker. Rich people focus on rewards and believe things will work because they will ensure they work. No risk, no reward. They research, plan, design and fully educate themselves on the issue or circumstance at hand. Poor people focus on the risks. To succeed financially, you have to do or risk something. If you focus on the risk as an opportunity rather than a negative implication, this is an asset advantageous to a successful outcome. Harv says rich people focus on what they want while poor people focus on what they don't. Your field of focus determines what you find in life. If you focus on opportunities, that's what you will find. Yet, if you focus on obstacles, that is also what you find. If you want to become rich, focus on making, keeping, and investing your money. Ready, fire, aim! This essentially means getting moving right now. Then adjust and readjust along the way. Action always beats inaction. Rich people aren't afraid to get started and trust they can adapt and grow along the journey.


A Book in Time's Commentary:


Professionally:  While I may not fully agree with Harv's labeling mentioned above, I agree with some of the described subject matter. Obstacles will always be a part of our business environment. We would not be growing if they weren't. It is vital to be able to view them as opportunities for growth and to expand our minds to solutions or ways that would not have been possible without any turbulence. When I see every challenging situation as an occasion to brainstorm for creative solutions, my business, as well as my character, have resulted in new, productive, and surprising resolutions. I focus on what I have and can do rather than what I do not have or cannot access.


Personally:  I have often practiced the method of ready, fire, and aim, although my logic had been a little premature. Perhaps the "ready" part wasn't quite developed enough in the preprogramming phase. Now that I have spent time reprogramming my mind with supportive thoughts, leading to corroborating feelings, successful actions have become the result. Therefore, I am able to "ready, fire, aim" with confidence that with adaptation or adjustments, it will always result in a positive and favorable outcome.


Spiritually:  As you often get what you subconsciously want, I choose to focus on opportunities rather than obstacles. Wherever I focus my energies, my thoughts most often lead to aligned results. A productive and clutter-free mind favors an optimistic environment. I choose to lift my spirit and focus on elevated energy and positive outcomes. Joe Rogan resembles these beliefs, as he stated, "There is a direct correlation between positive energy and positive results." I reframe everything unfavorable in an optimistic light as an opportunity.


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