A look at: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (cont)

Published on 8 August 2022 at 20:24

DECLARATION 9:  "I think big. I choose to help thousands and thousands of people."

According to Harv:

T. Harv Eker states, "Rich people think big. Poor people think small." Perhaps some of the reasons for thinking small are because of fear, being afraid of success, or feelings of unworthiness. Have any of these feelings caused you not to think as big as you can? What are some reasons you may have held back? Become aware of what has held you back and is currently holding you back. Knowledge is power. Now imagine the possibilities of capturing these small or negative thoughts and intentionally thinking bigger. And even a little bigger than that. Harv goes on to say we must add value to other people's lives. Having more, including money, resources, and time, allows you to impact favorably and even influence others in many ways. The more people you help, the richer you become mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. It's time to start sharing your gifts! Consider what your natural talents are. What comes easily to you? What is enjoyable to you? How can you use these natural gifts to assist others? How can you utilize them to advance your own life? How can you help more people?


A Book in Time's Commentary:


Professionally:  While I have spent many of my employment years in the same field I am "good" at and educated in, I neglected some of my true talents. These stand out as things that come naturally or are so enjoyable they don't even feel like "work." I always thought I had to spend my career days "working" where my diploma pointed. This was thinking small. Harv opened my eyes to focus on my talents, what comes easily and is enjoyable. It took a leap of faith for me to realize I could actually do what I found most enjoyable and pursue this as a profitable career. As Danny Angel says best, "The secret to happiness is doing what you love, and the secret to success is loving what you do." This is thinking big.


Personally:  I used to believe if I thought big, it might only result in a big disappointment as well. Then I started to do as Harv suggested and pursued the thoughts and actions of "rich" people. I chose to start thinking big and opening my mind to new possibilities. I love helping people, and small thoughts do not allow much room for this to transpire. According to Richard Branson, "If people aren't calling you crazy, you aren't thinking big enough." It is time to start thinking big and changing lives!


Spiritually:  It would seem as though if you thought big and were rewarded for your focused efforts, the right thing to do is to pay forward to other people in need. God has a way of balancing things out, and we undergo the consequences of our actions. We need to do our part and help and serve one another. There will be a day when we all need something.  It all circles back. And no matter what, you cannot overstate the positive and energized feelings that occur simultaneously with the actions of positively impacting someone else's life.


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