A look at: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (cont)

Published on 6 August 2022 at 16:54

DECLARATION 7:  "My goal is to become a millionaire and more."

According to Harv:

T. Harv Eker teaches that if you want to be rich, your goal is to be rich! Rich people play the money game to win. They are on offense. Poor people play the money game to "not lose." They are essentially on defense. It is more about survival or security. This is referred to as the power of intention. If your goal is to be comfortable, you will never be rich. Yet if your goal is to be rich, you will always be comfortable. Which goal closest resembles or aligns with your current situation? Is this where you want to be? Is this where you want to stay? Or, if you desire a new goal, what changes will you make starting today to align with this new goal?


A Book in Time's Commentary:


Professionally:  After becoming energized instantly upon reading the first section of Harv's book, I decided I had been aligned with the goal of being comfortable. It made sense to me that rather than having this as a goal, it would naturally be a by-product if I chose the goal of being rich. It made logical sense to "upgrade" my goal and reprogram my mind to start learning how rich people think. Another helpful aspect, along with reprogramming my mind, was the development of a Business Plan. With a detailed plan came clarity, understanding, and a vision.


Personally:  I like the idea of becoming a "millionaire and more." I choose to align my thoughts, feelings, and actions with this goal and utilize the power of intention. Again, I am not fond of Harv's stereotyping of how rich and poor people think and act, yet the concept should shine through as a nugget to draw from.


Spiritually:  I believe it is possible to retrain the mind to respond supportively regarding money and success and that energy is the key. The right kind of energy that is. The focus should be on positive energy; your thoughts will align in response to this favorable position. When we focus on good things, such as the fruits of the Spirit - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control - our mind and thoughts will be filled with peaceful, enlightening contentedness.

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