A look at: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (cont)

Published on 3 August 2022 at 23:56

DECLARATION 4:  "I release my non-supportive money experiences from the past and create a new and rich future."

According to Harv:

Was there a specific incident in your past, maybe a marriage or divorce, that had negative financial consequences? Perhaps your spouse or ex-spouse spent more than you both had. Or even worse, he/she spent more than you had? What else may have caused a financial deficit, leaving an unfavorable impression? You can all probably think of a time when something like this occurred. This does not have to define you or how you think about money. Merriam-Webster defines disassociation as to detach. Negative financial experiences in your past have been programmed into the files of your mind. Without thinking or choosing your thoughts, a negative reaction may have already been programmed, determining your current actions. T. Harv Eker teaches that you have a choice right now to be different. You do not need to let the negative programming of your past determine your current or future actions. As you learned from the first blog, thoughts lead to feelings; feelings lead to actions. What determines your thoughts is your preprogramming. Therefore you need to reprogram your mind with new thoughts, which lead to new feelings. These new feelings result in new actions. So you can choose to be the captain of your ship and take charge of the sentry of your mind. This programming will drive you to establish a new and rich future with a positive correlation to money and wealth.


A Book in Time's Commentary:


Professionally:  I have often spent too much time in the business world focused on the financial outcome. Naturally, this is a desired outcome. However, this itself drew on pressure to obtain. By redirecting my focus to the processes I was completing and disassociating any negative connotation due to pressure, I could enjoy the journey and open my mind to new ideas, increase performance, and complete tasks quicker, all leading to even greater outcomes. The key was to disassociate the pressure from the process and proceed to succeed.


Personally:  I have personally experienced many negative incidents involving money. It is amazing how many people believed my money should be theirs! I often wonder if others have felt this way. I chose to let go of these bitter feelings that were only hurting me. Once released, my mind was open to being filled with new thoughts that benefitted my success and productivity. I have become energized by such a calm and peaceful disposition.


Spiritually:  It is best to let go of all negative and bitter feelings holding you back, whether it involves money or any unfavorable feeling in general. If you release all ties to them and free your mind to the powerful and rich essence it craves, your life becomes more useful to yourself and those you love, plus many more. You are able to be better, love, and serve more.


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