THE REVIEW Part 2: The Review, The Recommendation, and The Rating of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind from A Book in Time

Published on 27 August 2022 at 19:06

"Where attention goes, energy flows and results show."

"If you are willing to do only what is easy, life will be hard.  But if you are willing to do what's hard, life will be easy."


"Happy people build their inner world; unhappy people blame their other world."


"Successful people have fear, successful people have doubts, and successful people have worries.  They just don't let these feelings stop them."


"The only time you are actually growing is when you are uncomfortable."

The Review:


Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is a thought-provoking best-seller aimed at altering your financial destination IF you choose to "internalize" its sound advice. T. Harv Eker speaks from his own experience and is generous enough to share the difficult yet invigorating information he has discovered so that others may reap the same benefits.


I found this book to be mind-changing and life-altering, and here is why. While it is apparent that the mind is the center of most of what we do, including how we handle the results of choices we make, such as a stock trade, whether good or bad, I personally have never REALLY considered the fact that our minds were programmed by someone else! As infants and children growing up, we absorbed what we saw, tasted, touched, heard, and smelled. Our parents or guardians were our first sources of information. Then teachers, news sources, friends, and the internet tell us things, and we formulate a file in our minds for each piece of information we receive. Most of the time, we are not actually there to know if the event or segment of information is true.  All of this compilation of someone else's data forms our preprogrammed mind!  When Harv explained this in detail, it was a very thought-provoking concept to me. I can never unlearn this! This eye-opener kept me intrigued to continue to see what else Harv had to say.


Harv is a good and generous person. It is apparent that he truly cares about people and wants them to exceed and become rich as well. He intends to help multitudes of people get the financial rewards they seek. Harv does not sugar-coat the explanations; rather, he speaks his beliefs. You can design your own destination. He refers to a "financial thermostat," where you have the choice and the power to adjust the setting to your liking. You must change the inner you before you can change the outer you; change the invisible before you change the visible.


There are two parts featured in Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. In Part I, Harv brings to light a personal blueprint designed from our childhood conditioning. This is our financial destiny, and he challenges if that is where we want to be or if this is something we want to change for long-term wealth. In Part II, Harv introduces what he calls his "Wealth Files." Harv defines what makes rich people rich and makes them different from anyone "non-rich." He presents action steps and exercises to help reprogram the mind and recondition you to focus, seek and become rich.


Harv had me drawn in from the first chapter. I have read many...many success, wealth, and self-help books. Yet the concept of our preprogrammed mind, as revealed by Harv, had a significant impact on me and hopefully on you as well. Harv's nature and writing style are also quite appealing to draw the reader to continue to find out more, especially knowing these were the actual experiences that all led him to be the multi-millionaire he became and maintains.


I am not quite as fond of how Harv words his Wealth Files as "rich people" are this way and "poor people" are that way. However, he is speaking from a position of being poor, so it is not meant to be an insult or judgment. He is simply stating the difference from his perspective as a person who has been in each position in his lifetime.


The Recommendation:

I highly recommend Secrets of the Millionaire Mind to anyone looking to improve himself/herself personally, professionally, or financially. The information applies in each of these areas. Whatever aspect of your life you desire to become "rich" in, Harv's principles, files, declarations, and applications will apply. I would especially recommend this to anyone considering starting a new business or expanding a current one. Harv is EXTREMELY motivating, and your mind will immediately begin filling with positive and supportive thoughts on how to make it all happen...successfully.


The Rating:

Based on the Rating system defined in the ABOUT section of this site:

Is it easy to understand?  YES

Is it relevant, applicable, or attainable?  YES

If applied, will it improve some aspect of business, personal, or spiritual growth?  YES

Does it leave me motivated and energized?  YES

Do I believe it is worth sharing with others?  YES


Therefore, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind has received a 5 YES Rating from A Book in Time.


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