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Published on 25 August 2022 at 22:35

Today A Book in Time is featuring Keep Nature Wild.  As you will read below, this amazing company loves and cares for our planet and each other.  Take some time to get to know them better. 


At Keep Nature Wild, we like to have fun outside. We share stories around the campfire. We look up at the stars. We dream big. We laugh—loudly. We bring that light-hearted spirit to every item we make and every outdoor cleanup we host.

Our products are crazy cozy, super soft, and exceptionally comfy.  We design outdoor apparel and accessories to bring a smile to your face, brighten your day, enable your next adventure, spark a connection, build community, and make our planet a better place.

Together we pick up one pound of trash for every product sold

Our products are designed in Arizona and made for the wild.  But there’s an extra, earth-friendly impact behind our apparel and accessories.  For every apparel product sold, we pick up one pound of trash.

How do we do this?

We host nationwide community cleanups.  Our dedicated Wild Keeper Ambassadors spend time every month tidying up their communities.  And when you purchase from us, we include a biodegradable trash bag so you can get outside and pick up trash around your neighborhood.

Your Purchase Has Purpose:

With your purchase, you’re joining a community of passionate outdoor lovers like yourself that are dedicated to cleaning up our planet.

The bonus:  getting to rock a rad, responsibly sourced Keep Nature Wild product.

Whether you’re hitting the road to explore a new destination, hiking along towering rock spires, catching the sunset on the hill, or hanging with friends around the campfire—you’re supporting a worldwide effort to improve the health of our planet.

Our Core Values:

-Give Back

We’re not ones to sit on the sidelines.  We stand for what we stand on.  When we see something that needs our attention, we dive in and invite our friends along too.  There’s strength in numbers.  When we all get behind a common goal:  leaving nature better than we found it, our impact is much deeper.

-Do What you Love

We know it’s cliché:  it doesn't feel like work when y.  We’re actually pretty serious about that (secretly do something you love every day because we’ve built getting outside into our brand mission).  Outside is where we go to decompress, play, and kick back.  We're grateful to be able to get outside, enjoy nature, and know we have a hand in preserving it.  Making a difference gives us warm fuzzies.

-Be Inclusive

We build community by picking up trash outside.  This isn't some exclusive club.  We're a welcoming community for all those who love to wander.  The wonders of nature inspire and unite us.  It’s where we gather to reconnect.  To make memories.  To catch up with old friends.  To meet someone new.  We want to create a diverse and inclusive community that celebrates our differences—and we’d love it if you’d join us.

-Radiate Positivity

We all know there are good days and there are bad days.  We believe that the good days are the ones we spend outside.  Something about fresh air, bright sunshine, and open spaces lifts our spirits.  Maybe it’s the good folks we surround ourselves with.  Or the mission to do something bigger than ourselves.  Whatever it is, we’ve found the perfect blend that brings us joy and makes us want to share it with others.

                                                                                           Keep Nature Wild


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