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As a professional Freelance Writer and member of IAPWE, I have honed my skills in creating quality, engaging, and informative content for my clients. I am passionate about writing and offer custom-made writing solutions to fit every client's needs. My experience in the field has equipped me to write in various niches, including medical, health, business, travel, lifestyle, and technology, among others. I am also adaptable to different mediums, such as blogs, abstracts, articles, and book formats. Adept at conducting research, I ensure that all content I deliver is thorough, accurate, intriguing, and meets the highest standards. Working with me as a freelance writer guarantees personalized attention to every project, efficient communication, and timely delivery. I approach every project with a fresh perspective, ensuring that the content speaks to the target audience with clarity and relevance. My written work has received positive feedback due to its inherent quality and value. Offering exceptional service, I aim to help my clients create content that engages, educates, informs, and delights their readers. Do not hesitate to contact me for exceptional services for your next written project. 


General Writing:  $1.00 per word

Ghostwriting:  $1.10 per word

Medical Writing:  $1.25 per word

Whitepaper Writing:  $1.50 per word

                  (Special rates apply for continuous services, such as blogs)

My genres of expertise fall into the categories of leadershipsuccess, critical thinking, mind transformation, medical information, growth, and development, whether sharing someone's advancement, overcoming obstacles, qualities or ways to succeed in business or personal life, or any form of improvement of circumstances, humanity, or self.  How did they do it?  What have other people tried regarding how to become rich?  People are fascinating.  My preference for a genre for a purely "entertaining" read is a cozy sofa and an enticing mystery.  I relish getting lost in a twisting and undetermined sequence of events, mentally working out the culprit in my analytical mind to be exposed.


I appreciate and acknowledge the hard work, dedication, devotion, and diligence displayed by everyone courageous enough to author any book.  This is such an amazing and admirable accomplishment.



I am currently accepting advanced reading copies (ARCs) for review.

I examine business success, self-help, personal narratives, inspirational, biographies, investment, academic, psychological, creative nonfiction, mysteries, suspense, thrillers, adventure, crime fiction, legal thrillers, and reference work. However, I am open to exploring other genres as well.


My publishings for each genre of books will include:

     The Rap

     The Relevant

     The Run-Down

     The Review

     The Recommendation

     The Rating


Regarding business/success books, I will summarize and highlight educational information and experiences stated by the author, followed by a PPS CLIP and professional, personal, and spiritual clips regarding how I have applied such information to my own life.  The Reviews of this category of books will be more detailed, thought-provoking, and educational.


Upon completion of each of these books, the Rating of the overall message delivered by the author will be based upon:

     - Is it easy to understand?

     - Is it relevant, applicable, or attainable?

     - If applied, will it improve some aspect of business, personal or spiritual growth?

     - Does it leave me motivated and energized?

     - Do I believe it is worth sharing with others?


Regarding books in the entertainment category, I will Review them in smaller sections, and the Rating will be based on the following:

     - Was it easy to visualize the book's setting and character development?

     - Was there a recognizable plot?

     - Was it fresh and creative with an intrigue factor?

     - Was it hard to set it down; did the mystery capture my attention?

     - Did it leave a lasting impression that is worth sharing with others?


In situations where possible, I will interview the author and discuss his/her inspiration for the book or character development within the book.  This information will be shared in a separate blog.


Occasionally, guest bloggers or writers will be featured in A Book in Time for a fresh viewpoint and to showcase their literary talents.


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